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Gas Exchange Membership

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PEGAS CEGH products
PEGAS CEGH products
Transparent Trading with First-Class Service

Gas Exchange Membership

Two different kinds of membership are offered for trading of PEGAS CEGH products at the PEGAS platform.

1. Passive membership

  • The passive membership is a base requirement in order to become a Balance Group Responsible Party (BGRP) on the Austrian gas market.
  • With this kind of membership the company does not have access to the trading system
  • The gas exchange related costs for this membership are € 10,000 per year.

 2. Active membership

  • The active membership enables companies to trade via its nominated traders
  • Trading of PEGAS CEGH Spot and Futures products is offered
  • Each active member is also a passive gas exchange member in order to fulfill the requirements for the Balance Group Responsible (BGRP) status.


For both types of membership you need to sign an agreement with Powernext (the operator of the PEGAS platform) and CEGH (operator of the Virtual Trading Point in Austria), furthermore a membership with ECC and a bilateral contract with a clearing bank are necessary in order to take part in the clearing and settlement process.

In order to become a member of PEGAS to trade PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange products, please contact

CEGH Gas Exchange Services
Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße 1
A- 1210 Wien

Tel.: +43 (1)  270 2700 - 28550

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