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CEGH Members

The following table provides an overview of registered members at the Central European Gas Hub.

To search for checkmarks you may filter the table by clicking on the column heading you want to filter (active filter is shown with an arrow at the respective column heading). To remove the filter please click on “Company” to go back to the alphabetic order.

In addition you can download the list of all Virtual Traders at CEGH including their identification codes.
For shipper codes of Balance Group Responsible Parties please look at the website of the Market Area Manager Gas Connect Austria.

   Identification of Virtual Codes


Right Wrapper


Company Country Virtual Trader Gas Exchange passive Member Spot Market Member Futures Market Member Gas Exchange Market Makersort ascending Gas Exchange Clearing Member
SPP - Slovensky Plynarensky Priemysel a.s Slovakia x x x
MET International AG Switzerland x x x
OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH Austria x x x
RWE Supply & Trading GmbH Germany x x x
Macquarie Bank Ltd. United Kingdom x
ExxonMobil Gas Marketing Europe Ltd. United Kingdom x
Envico Trading Srl Italy x
Salzburg AG Austria x x
Shell Energy Europe Ltd. United Kingdom x x
EVN AG Austria x
NKM Földgázszolgáltató Zrt. Hungary x
Eni Trading & Shipping S.P.A. Belgium x x x
2B Energia S.p.A Italy x
BNP Paribas France x
Macquarie Bank International Ltd. Germany x
Societe Generale S.A France x
envitra Energiehandel Ges.m.b.H. Austria x
Gas Connect Austria GmbH Austria x
Raiffeisenbank a.s. Czech Republic x
A2A S.p.A. Italy x x
Newedge United Kingdom x
Alwado Energy GmbH Austria x
Sorgenia Trading S.p.A Italy x
Udinex EOOD Bulgaria x
Gas Intensive S.c.a.r.l Italy x
Uniper Energy Storage GmbH Germany x
AGCS Gas Clearing and Settlement AG Austria x
Nordea Bank AB Germany x
Speia S.p.A Italy x
Crodux Plin d.o.o. Croatia x
Gas Natural Europe S.A.S France x
Burgo Energia Srl Italy x
ART Energy AG Switzerland x
UBS Switzerland Spot
Spigas S.r.l Italy x
ES FOR IN SE Germany x
Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd. United Kingdom x x
Alpiq Energy SE Czech Republic x
Axpo Trading AG Switzerland x x
OeKB Austria Spot
GECX Group Hungary Kft. Hungary x
Engie Energie GmbH Austria x
Gazprom Schweiz AG Switzerland x
Bayerngas GmbH Germany x
KELER KSZF Zrt. Hungary x
Statoil ASA Norway x
NIS a.d. Novi Sad Serbia x
ENGIE Global Markets France x x
Hungaro Energy Kft Hungary x
BNP Paribas S.A United Kingdom x x
Energie Steiermark Business GmbH Austria x x
GAZEX KFT Hungary x
GEN-I, trgovanje in prodaja elektricne energije, d.o.o Slovenia x x
MFGK Austria GmbH Austria x
BP Gas Marketing Ltd. United Kingdom x x
UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. Czech Republic x
Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH Austria x
AOT Energy Switzerland AG Switzerland x
GETEC Energie AG Germany x
Novatek Gas&Power GmbH Switzerland x x
CENERG Europe AG Switzerland x
Gasland Trading GmbH Austria x
Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH Germany x x
Metaenergia SpA Italy x x
Glencore Energy UK Ltd. United Kingdom x
MET Hungary Energy Trade Ltd. Hungary x
Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG Austria x
JAS Budapest ZRT. Hungary x x
Verbund Trading GmbH Austria x x
Bayerngas Energy GmbH Germany x
Global NRG Rom S.r.l Romania x
Hrvatska Elektroprivreda d.d. Croatia x x
CEZ a.s Czech Republic x x
Energo-Trade GmbH Austria x
Vitol S.A Switzerland x x
CYEB GmbH Austria x
Global NRG Zrt. Hungary x
EP Commodities a.s. Czech Republic x x
Consorzio Toscana Energia S.p.A Italy x
Energy Trust S.A. Switzerland x
VNG - Verbundnetz Gas AG Germany x
Trafigura Trading (Europe) SARL Switzerland x x
Goldman Sachs International Unltd. United Kingdom x x
Helios Energy EM AG Switzerland x
Conte spol. s.r.o Czech Republic x
Gasela Gmbh Austria x
voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH Austria x
ETP Power Kft. Hungary x
Gridgas AG Switzerland x
Europe Energy SpA Italy x x
Danske Commodities A/S Denmark x x
Castleton Commodities Merchant Europe Sarl Switzerland x
Wien Energie GmbH Austria x x
Group Mineralix Kft. Hungary x
Gunvor International B.V, Amsterdam, Geneva Branch Switzerland x x
Antra GmbH Austria x
DufEnergy Trading S.A Switzerland x x
Clean Energy Trade Sro. Slovakia x
WinGas GmbH Germany x x
AOT Holding AG Switzerland x x
Gazprom Austria GmbH Austria x
Adler Energy GmbH Austria x
Magyar Földgázkereskedö Zrt. Hungary x x
Centrex Italia S.p.A Italy x
Worldenergy S.A Switzerland x
UNIKUM - BET, spol. s r.o. Slovakia x
Hera Trading S.r.l Italy x x
Engie S.A. France x
Uniper Global Commodities SE Germany x x
Geoplin Slovenia x x
ABN Amro Clearing Bank N.V. Netherlands x
Energi Danmark A/S Denmark x x
Kärntner Elektrizitäts AG Austria x
Total Gas & Power Ltd. United Kingdom x x
Alpiq AG Switzerland x
Bayern LB Germany x
Westwood Commodities GmbH Austria x
Koch Supply & Trading S.a.r.l Switzerland x
HEMAS s.r.o. Slovakia x
EDF Trading Ltd. United Kingdom x x
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG Germany x
Linz Strom GmbH Austria x x
MBA Trading Ltd United Kingdom x
Edison S.p.A Italy x x
Citigroup Global Markets United Kingdom x x
Lumius spol. s.r.o Czech Republic x
Estra Energie Srl Italy x
EHA Energie-Handels-GesmbH & Co KG Germany x
Neas Energy AS Denmark x x
MET Austria Energy Trade GmbH Austria x
Mercuria Energy Trading S.A Switzerland x x
MND a.s. Czech Republic x x
Enel Trade S.p.A Italy x x
EVIVA S.p.A. Italy x x
Utilità S.p.A. Italy x x
natGas AG Germany x
Augusta Ratio S.p.A. Italy x
Energie AG Oberösterreich Trading GmbH Austria x x
TrailStone GmbH Germany x x
Nitrogenmüvek Zrt. Hungary x x
GHG Emissions Traders & Consultants Ltd. United Kingdom x x
EnergieAllianz Austria GmbH Austria x x
Adatto Energy Srl Italy x
NRG Services GmbH Austria x
European Gas Trading Group, UAB Lithuania x
Energiehandelsgesellschaft West mbH Germany x
Südwestdeutsche Stromhandels GmbH Germany x
PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH Germany x x
Plus Energy Point s.r.l. Romania x
Energy Trade S.p.A Italy x
Redim Energy AG Switzerland x
INA – Industria Nafte d.d. Croatia x
Vemex Energo s.r.o. Slovakia x
Eni S.p.A Italy x
Petrol D.D. Ljubljana Slovenia x
Repower Italia S.p.A Italy x
ENET Energy S.A. Switzerland x
Enoi S.p.A Italy x x
AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG Austria x
Rohöl Aufsuchungs AG Austria x x
Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo d.o.o Croatia x
Enova S.r.l Italy x x
Electrade S.p.A. Italy x x
RomaGas & Power S.p.A Italy x
Rosneft Trading S.A Switzerland x
eustream a.s Slovakia x x
Green Trade Services Ltd. Bulgaria x
Hycori GmbH Germany x